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— The Conference will be held at the National Research Centre, Cairo, Egypt.

—National Research Centre is located in the western area of Cairo, and it is well connected by public transportation .  

—National Research Centre:  El-Buhouth Street, National Research Centre, Dokki, Egypt.

—Tel: 00202/ 33371362; 33371499 (Work)

— Agricultural and Biological Research Division was established in 1968. The activities of agricultural research started in specialized units since the establishment of the National Research Centre in 1956. At the beginning the division included seven laboratories and now has reached sixteen departments. The Agricultural Division is part of the National Research Centre, which is characterized by multi-disciplinary research teams, where problems can be resolved by the combined efforts of specialists from different agricultural fields to find the best solutions.


Please note that the closest airports to the conference venue is:

—Cairo International Airport (3 terminals) http://www.cairo-airport.com/